Sunday, February 14, 2010...5:27 am

Behind the scenes: Doctor Knowgood

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Over the next few weeks on Stop.Frame, I’m going to look at the development of an animated short film in detail – from the character concept to the practicalities of props, puppet and set building, to the shoot and the editing and post-production.

The film is Doctor Knowgood – the story of a self-important monkey in a white coat who believes he’s a doctor – or is he for real?

The film-maker is Dutch auteur Arnold Zwanenburg – who moved his studio Googoo lock, stock and barrel to Yogyakarta in Indonesia, where he’s currently filming the epic production.

So far the topics covered are as follows:

  1. Character concept
  2. Puppet-making
  3. Props and set
  4. The script
  5. The shoot

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